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Meeting with Dutch Minister of Defense

Meeting with Dutch Minister of Defense at high level lecture of the Atlantic Commission.

On Thursday 26 June Dutch Minister of Defense Mrs. Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert lectured in Nieuwspoort The Hague on the capacity and position of The Netherlands in the area of modern peacekeeping, military operations in conflict areas, crisis management, and world diplomacy. The lecture was titled: “International Cooperation, the Next Level”.


Minister Hennis (l) and Mr. Kaisiëpo sr. Ms


Mr. Bernard Kaisiëpo Ms. in his capacity as West Papua Representative to the United Nations was present at this high level lecture and addressed the Minister of Defense on what this meant for the international 1947 Canberra Agreement. Based on this treaty and with security of the 1950 ANZUS Alliance The Netherlands has an international obligation to work together with West Papua Melanesia to excercise its universal right to self determination based on UN decolonization guidelines.

The Minister of Defense promised to investigate on this international 1947 Canberra cooperation treaty on how this relates to Dutch transatlantic foreign policy. Based on the shared West Papua and Dutch past, the Minister acknowledged the Dutch need and obligation to bring International Cooperation also for West Papuans to the Next Level. Also former Dutch Minister of Defense Dr. Willem van Eekelen and former Commander in Chief of the Dutch Armed Forces, General Dick Berlijn (ret.) were present.

For a full report on the Atlantic Commission lecture, see:


Former Dutch Minister of Defence mr. Van Eekelen being informed about the present situation on West-Papua with mr. B. Kaisiëpo Ms




Former Commander in Chief of the Dutch Armed Forces, General Dick Berlijn (ret.) with President in exile B. Th. W. Kaisiëpo Ms.

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Meeting with Dutch Minister of Defense