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Mr. Rudi Orarei shot by the Indonesian military

10474685_579072355546185_5121353364025832943_nWe are very sorry to report the murder of another West Papuan independence leader, Mr. Rudi Orarei who was shot dead by the Indonesian military on his motorcycle in Serui, West Papua yesterday.

Photo: Friends and family of Rudi Orarei buried his body today at 11:00 with the West Papuan national flag which is banned by Indonesia

Today, we received a Human Rights Report from local rights investigators detailing the fatal shooting of Mr. Rudi at 13:15 as he was travelling between the villages of Menawi and Ambaidiru.

The events as they happened:

At 13:00 on Tuesday, June 10, 2014, on Serui Island, West Papua, Mr. Rudi Orarei left the village of Menawi after visiting some relatives, and began to go home to the village of Ambaidiru. The distance he was travelling was approximately 35 miles on a road through the forest. Just before Rudi got to Menawi village, a group of armed Indonesian soldiers from Detachment 88 stood in his way. This “special forces” brigade is supplied and trained by the Australian government and known to West Papuans as a “deathsqaud” as it notoriously commits some of the most heinous human rights violations in West Papua such as the assasination of Papuan independence leader Mako Tabuni in 2012.

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Mr. Rudi Orarei shot by the Indonesian military