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OSL President P.J.G.A. Ego passed away

Ons bereikte het droevig bericht van het heengaan van P.J.G.A. (Prosper) Ego, Voorzitter van het Oud Strijders Legioen OSL-Stavast. De heer Ego is altijd een warm pleitbezorger geweest voor het recht op zelfbeschikking voor het volk van West Papua Melanesië. We verliezen in hem een oprechte en trouwe vriend van de Papua vrijheidsstrijd. Onze gedachten gaan uit naar de nabestaanden, wij wensen de familie alle sterkte toe met dit verlies.

We received the
sad news of the passing of P.J.G.A. (Prosper) Ego, Chairman of the Veterans Legion OSL-Stavast. Mr. Ego has always been a strong advocate for the right of self-determination for the people of West Papua Melanesia. We lose in him a sincere and loyal friend of the Papuan struggle for freedom. Our thoughts go out to the families, we wish the family all the strength with this loss.
P.J.G.A. Ego (1927 - 2015)

P.J.G.A. Ego (1927 – 2015)

In his hometown Breda, the Netherlands on 23 January 2015, the founder and chairman of the OSL Foundations (formerly the Old Warriors Legion), Mr PJGA Ego passed away after a short illness. Prosper Ego (The Hague, July 17, 1927) was 87 years old and was until recently daily active with the interests of veterans, freedom and security of citizens in addition to numerous other social issues that the OSL Foundations over the years have featured.

From 1947 to 1950 Ego served for his military service in the former Dutch East Indies, where he was responsible for in Celebes hygiene of various medical items and garrison locations. Back in the Netherlands he soon became all damage-claim correspondent at various insurance companies in our country. He remained involved with the Veterans and founded together with orthers the Veterans Legion Netherlands, where he also held various management positions. After the Hungarian Uprising in 1956, conflicts arose within the VLN. Eventually Prosper Ego decided in 1958 to establish the OSL for Dutch militairy service men who served in one way or another the Royal Kingdom and became its chairman. From the seventies the OSL was also open for non-veterans to become a member.

Prosper Ego has given countless speeches, sat in panels and written thousands of opinions, which appeared in the magazine and on the website OSL-STA VAST, but also in various newspapers and magazines. His motivating force to move others into writing opinions also was legendary. The common thread in all of its activities was always the freedom, the security of citizens and our country and to give a clear voice to the silent majority. When he returned to his insights, he did it publicly and without restraint; he was fully prepared to be held accountable. Meanwhile, the notions of Ego have become common thoughts. His appraisal of the former communist era, proved to have been painfully accurate and correct. His unbreakable loyalty to the House of Orange, was followed in an enthusiastic and massive celebration of the coronation of His Majesty King Willem Alexander.

Increasingly one also begun to understand that his opinion on the immigration policy in general and in particular, the perspective of the Dutch culture, also were no ‘radical right’ blunders coming from his hand, but a reality whose horrific consequences we now face on a daily basis. There are many more issues to which Ego drew attention, such as the position of the Moluccans and Papuans in our country. The shameless way in which successive governments have coped and sometimes still cope with these people groups by not hearing them or seeing them, touched him deeply emotional.

In contrary to what many people think, Ego has not been a cold or aggressive person but especially was an open, warm and caring person. He did not shy away from problems, but he faced them fearless, boldly and decisively. His heart was no murder pit, but his vision and prophecy were sometimes so new and controversial, that the opponents of his views seem compelled to demonize him as a radical right wing man with Nazi sympathies. To any person who has known him personally, he has proven he was absolutely not. Prosper Ego died peacefully and grateful, proud of what he has been able to do and without a trace of resentment toward those who demonized him unfairly or bad mouthed him.

He merely said his thoughts and a majority agreed strongly with him.
Prosper Ego will always be the ‘Man of STA VAST / PERSEVERANCE

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OSL President P.J.G.A. Ego passed away