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Kobe Oser lecture on self determination for Dutch political party SP

The Socialistic Party (SP) is one of the biggest political parties in the Netherlands. One of their main representatives is Dutch Member of Parliament Mr. Harry van Bommel, who is very outspoken on the West Papua case. See also Mr. Van Bommel’s weblog (in Dutch language) with regard to the banning of the Morningstar Flag on Dutch Verterans Day the 28th of June:

Apeldoorn1406MP Mr. van Bommel together with MP Mr. Voordewind and MP Mr. Segers (ChristenUnie party), MP Mr.Dijkgraaf (SGP party) and MP Mr.De Roon (PVV party) asked in the Parliament on 25 June the Dutch Minister of Defense and the Minister of Foreign Affairs to let the West Papuan Morningstar flag wave freely on the yearly Dutch Veterans Day.

The Apeldoorn branch invited Kobe Oser inorder to learn more about the Freedomstruggle in West Papua Melanesia and the responsibility of The Netherlands government with regard to United Nations Decolonization principles. See: .

On Tuesday 24 June 2014 West Papuan President in Exile gave a lecture on the right to self determination for West Papua Melanesia. The audience was able to learn more on the fact that The Netherlands and West Papua had a lot in common in sharing values like discipline and hard work, Christianity, social responsibility and the will to fight tiranny where it occurs. The Socialistic Party members agreed fully on the special Dutch responsibility to support West Papua in its just cause for freedom and self determination and are willing to give more attention and support for our struggle. We are very gratefull to the Socialistic Party for this opportunity.


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Kobe Oser lecture on self determination for Dutch political party SP